David Terao


A 2016 NCAA All-American wrestler at American University, David took a somewhat unusual route into the sport. His unique wrestling style actually has it’s roots in two other grappling arts. David’s parents enrolled him in Judo classes at just seven years old because he was getting in fights at youth soccer. Three years later he decided to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in order to become a more complete grappler and have an advantage on the ground in Judo. David currently holds a Black Belt in Judo and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

David didn’t actually begin wrestling until high school, but it made perfect sense to him as the next evolution of his grappling development, because while Hawaii is one of the few states to include Judo as a varsity sport, they do not have BJJ. Although, according to David, if he could have lettered in all three, he would have.

David had a very successful collegiate career wrestling D-1 at American University. Besides placing 4th at the NCAA Championships in 2016 at 125lbs, he was a 4x NCAA Division 1 Tournament Qualifier. He also holds the record for American University Wrestling as a Career and Season Wins Leader (130 Career Wins and 39 Single Season Wins). Besides teaching the youth and adult Wrestling and Judo classes at 50/50, he is an assistant wrestling coach for American University and is training hard to take his own wrestling to the next level.

Some of David’s Accomplishments Include:
2016 NCAA Division 1 All American
4x Division 1 NCAA Qualifier
2x University Nationals Freestyle Runner-Up
American University Wrestling Career & Season Wins Leader (130 Career Wins & 39 Single Season Wins)
2011 Fargo National Runner-Up
2x Hawaii High School State Wrestling Champion
4x Hawaii High School State Judo Champion