Thanh Le


Thanh competed nationally in Taekwondo both as junior and as an adult, even being invited to train with the US Olympic team at the national training center in Denver. As mixed martial arts competition grew increasingly popular, Thanh decided that the next evolution for him would be to test his skills in an arena that encompassed all styles.

Thanh’s MMA training began in 2011 and he worked diligently to combine his TKD skillset with traditional boxing movement in order to create a unique blend of movement-based striking that had at that time been unseen in the MMA world. After a highly successful amateur career, Thanh turned professional. After an initial setback, he reeled off four consecutive victories and earned a place on The UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show which has been the incubator for numerous future champions in the organization. While competing on the show, Thanh met and became friends with Ryan Hall and following the competition, began a symbiotic working relationship that has benefitted both significantly, each coaching the other in his area of expertise. After a year of consistent travel back and forth to and from New Orleans, Thanh decided to bring his talents and experience to Virginia where he can continue his training daily while also sharing his unique style with the students at Fifty/50.

Thanh is a Cardio Kickboxing, MMA Kickboxing, and 25/50 (kids) Kickboxing instructor at 50/50 Martial Arts.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 22 Contestant
Pro MMA Record: 6-1
Amateur MMA Record: 14-1