As a student and parent of a 25/50 student, I can’t recommend 50/50 BJJ highly enough. The atmosphere is professional yet kid and family friendly. Instructors are top notch, patient and available. BJJ is a great martial art for everyone to learn, great exercise and builds strong bonds
— Chris, White Belt

Since about the end of my Sophomore year in college, I began training Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. After graduating, I relocated to the DMV area and was searching for an academy where I could continue my training.

Like many, I heard of Ryan Hall through his countless accomplishments in the Jiu-Jitsu competition scene as well as from friends at other gyms I’ve trained at. After dropping in for a trial class, I instantly recognized the value of teaching and training offered. Ryan Hall, the head instructor, is an extremely intelligent coach and trained fighter. He along with the other coaches are able to break down complex ideas so everyone can understand.

The academy has also grown to include a range of different classes including, striking, wrestling, and judo. Whether you are just starting out, or if you have a bit of experience and want to improve your skills I highly recommend Fifty/50. I for one consider myself very fortunate to grow as a martial artist at Fifty/50
— Mikey, Blue Belt

I began training at Fifty/50 Martial Arts roughly 2.5 years ago. I was looking for a competitive academy with top-level coaching where I could pursue my numerous goals for jiu-jitsu. Needless to say, head instructors Ryan and Jen Hall have been enormous influences on my growth as a martial artist and person.

Ryan’s classes are always filled with offhand jokes and colorful metaphors, not to be overshadowed by the daily concepts and lessons. In just the last few months, the additions of brown belt Pan Ams/Euros champion Adam Benayoun, D1 college wrestling All-American and Judo black belt David Terao, and striking phenoms Thanh and Vinh Le have made Fifty/50 an even more complete and exciting academy to train at. I would highly recommend anyone in the DMV area come train, even just for a visit!
— Matt, Blue Belt

I’ve only been going to 50/50 for about three months but my short time here has been great. I had visited other gyms in the area- and none of them were as warm and welcoming as 50/50.

I was initially very nervous and intimidated to begin classes but once I got through the doors I realized I had nothing to fear. So far I have had classes with Thanh, Vinh, Adam, and Jen- who are all excellent instructors. All of the instructors here are really good at breaking the material down and explaining it in an easy to understand way. They are all encouraging, approachable, and have incredible attention to detail.

One of my favorite things about 50/50 is the sense of community here- since day 1 everyone has been friendly and inclusive, not just the instructors but the students as well. I’ve already began to make friendships that I feel very grateful for. And last but not least- my absolute favorite thing about training here is getting to see Leeloo the husky 🙂
— Emma, White Belt