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Maia Matalon


Hailing from Northern California, Maia Matalon is the head instructor for the 25/50’s Children’s Program. Maia began her grappling training as a middle school wrestler and continued wrestling all the way through high school where she was a Northern California State Champion in 2007.  While attending UC Berkeley, Maia discovered Jiu-Jitsu and never looked back as she earned her blue and purple belts from Ralph Gracie before making the leap of faith to move cross country to join the Fifty/50 team in an effort to reach her full potential as a competitor.

Since arriving in Virginia in March 2013, Maia has seen her technical grappling skills achieve new heights and her competition results have been nothing short of excellent as she has emerged as one of the top up and coming female grapplers in the Jiu-Jitsu world: numerous weight and open weight titles at some of the most important events on the IBJJF calendar, most notably the World, Pan American, and No-Gi World Championships, culminating in the Brown Belt World Championship Title in 2015. Maia had to take a break from competition due to numerous injuries but is hopeful to make a return to circuit as soon as she is given clearance. 

Maia received her black belt in January of 2017 and has shown a gift for teaching that is rapidly catching up to her talent for competing. One of her favorite aspects of working with the youngest and smallest martial artists is watching the excitement that shines through their smiles after each success as they learn to focus and believe in themselves, progressing as athletes, students, and martial artists.