Striking Programs

The striking program at Fifty/50 is the brainchild of Ultimate Fighter 22 Veteran, Thanh Le, a 5th Degree TKD Black Belt



Our Adult Kickboxing class provides an introduction to technical striking based on Taekwondo-style movement and kicks and traditional Boxing.  This class is geared towards the beginner or intermediate student and will teach you how to develop balanced movement on your feet while also sharpening technique. In addition, the instructors also cover striking strategy as it applies to Mixed Martial Arts. 

FRIDAY SPARRING CLASS:  This class is an introduction to sparring for the beginner/intermediate student.  It focuses on movement around and responsiveness with your partner.  The class consists of a group warm-up and touch sparring (not full-contact).  Students must have at least 3 months experience training Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, or traditional martial arts and have a mouthguard in order to participate. 

Required Gear:  Hand wraps, 16oz Boxing Gloves, Shin/foot Pads. (For sale at Front Desk)

Recommended Gear:  Jump Rope and TKD Kick Paddle



Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a martial arts fitness-based class that primarily involves Taekwondo style kicking and footwork.  You will learn proper striking techniques from our high-level instructors, but the emphasis is on fitness rather than fighting.  Come prepared to sweat and get in shape!  This class is offered Mon, Wed, Fri, and Saturday mornings.

You may bring your own hand wraps and gloves, or they are available for purchase at the front desk.


Kids Kickboxing

The 25/50 Kickboxing program is a "no-contact" beginner MMA Kickboxing class for children age 6-14 years old.  This class is offered on Thursday evenings at 6pm.